What makes us different?

It is both expensive and time consuming to find and compare the myriad technology consulting firms, technology staffing agencies, and executive search services available today. In most all cases you have to work with a supplier for months to know if they will pan out. Finding a trusted technology partner whom can provide true competitive technical advantage to your business, and whom can provide you with top technical talent is absolutely key to success in today’s highly competitive economy. Consider:

 Zero Risk– AHS allows all of our new customers to work with us risk free. If we don’t deliver what we promise – you don’t pay. Please inquire to learn more.

 Super Niche– We super-specialize in select IT roles/titles within the broader high-tech domains we serve: computer science & engineering, medical & university research, and professional & scientific disciplines. Examples include data sciences, machine learning, optimization, design, architecture, and quality control. To the contrary, most staffing firms claim to “do it all” which we believe isn’t realistic.

  Approach–  Our model is unique. AHS is not a staffing firm. Most staffing firms are sales driven organizations, whom hire recruiters to source and perform basic key word searches, and account managers to sell. They do not have the substantive capability to properly screen & evaluate highly specialized technical candidates, such as software architects, researchers, or physicists. AHS is also not a consulting firm. Consulting firms answer to every business problem is to bill-out their in-house consultants to you which tends to be limiting.  Our unified teaming goal is to become your trusted solutions delivery partner which means bringing all options to the table.

  Transparent Pricing Our simplified pricing model is fully transparent to both customers and candidates alike. There is never any second-guessing on labor rates or service fees. AHS is dedicated to maintaining only the very highest standards for regulatory compliance, business ethics, and conduct. 

 Flexibility– AHS is a true balanced-shore sourcing partner. That means the entire world of top STEM talent is available to you. Our capabilities includes on-shore, off-shore, & near-shore – as well as providing both on-site and remote-worker solutions.

  Highest Standards Today it has become common to have 25+ people involved in the hiring process for an engineer- not one of whom have ever written a single line of code. We think that is crazy, and believe there is a better way. Our program managers and engineers have the capability to perform technical assessments, evaluate code, critique professional portfolios, and most importantly loop in industry peers- so we can make more informed data-driven assessments- just like you would do for your own organization.

  Trust In today’s knowledge driven economy, it has never been more important to have a trusted teaming partner. AHS often works on highly sensitive projects, and is dedicated to maintaining only the very highest standards for regulatory compliance, business ethics, and conduct. To the contrary, many offshore contractors & personnel simply cannot be trusted with core business sensitive projects or client & financial information. 

  Candidate Experience AHS strives to deliver suburb applicant experiences, with a focus on enabling future re-recruitment opportunities, so your applicants are always left with a great impression of your brand. 

A better way forward

As many firms have become ever reliant on large MSP’s and big-name outsourcing companies to manage their contingent labor- certainly quality-of-hire has taken a backseat to commodity pricing and fast fill rates. As a result, many business critical technology projects and strategic initiatives very likely have been setup for failure from the start. Our teaming approach reduces delivery risks and minimizes project losses and overages which in most cases aren’t even being tracked. 

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