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You’ve found the perfect resume. It has all the latest techie buzzwords on it. Now what? Our approach to screening top tech talent is both conservative and simple. We firmly believe that you cannot do the best job hiring for a technical role, unless you have genuine technical expertise with the technologies. Our technical program managers and engineers are all veteran domain experts within the fields they serve, and directly assist us with creating custom assessments.

Our ‘open loop’ screening process begins with us crafting a custom technical assessment from the job description.. For example, let’s say we need to hire a .NET CORE programmer for a team. Our basic exams cover general CSE competencies (data structures & algorithms), build engineering, source control, debugging, testing, framework knowledge, as well as deeper specific skill sets which would be pertinent for that role.  Our custom assessments are built to weed out candidates which may have had incidental exposure to a technology, from those whom really know their stuff.

We then conduct a highly structured 2 hour evaluation with each of the top candidates using the custom assessments we have created. During our contact with each of the candidates, we can quickly determine if the technical keywords on the candidate’s resume are substantive or not. Finally, we develop a written summary for each of the candidate’s so we can make a fully informed hiring decision.

Our ‘open-loop’ interview process is even more stringent than organizations whom are associated with higher degrees of engineering maturity such as Microsoft, Google, GE, or Apple- so you can be assured you are going to net top tech talent. Additionally, we maintain a network of technical professionals and industry thought-leaders whom provide supplemental candidate review and verification services, allowing us to conduct 100% informed candidate assessments.


Take the faster road to quality-of-hire

Did you know? — AHS technically screens candidates and technology managers for top State Universities, as well as Fortune 500 companies. AHS is even retained by other staffing companies to help technically evaluate their own candidates! Why? Genuine technical expertise. From authoring custom coding examinations to screening for fraudulent resumes – AHS is committed to delivering excellence with each and every hire.

General Screening services

  • Thorough employment screening including I-9 and immigration using e-Verify
  • National sex offender, Homeland security, and terrorist watch-list checks
  • 5 Panel Drug & alcohol testing, physical & mental health readiness checks
  • Financial/Credit determination, OFAC compliance, and driver history
  • Professional background, employment history & references, and resume fraud detection
  • National & international education verification, technical certification remittance & verification
  • State licenses, state board certification, and MedCHECK verification.
  • Technical, personality, security, and employer-mandated screening
  • Government security clearance coordination
  • Candidate skills profiling, cultural fit determinations, & team balancing solutions

Adaptive Technical Screening

  • Custom technical assessments prepared from customer-provided job descriptions.
  • Custom authored candidate technical skills assessment summaries.
  • Custom coding assignments (C++, Java, .NET, JavaScript, etc.) and deliverable/portfolio assessments

Leave it to us

Pulling top performing talent off the floor and paying engineers or scientists to sit-in on lengthy interview loops and applicant calls is so yesterday. Below is a small sampling of the amazing work we do in order to save time, minimize risks, and deliver better outcomes when building teams:

  • Authoring a custom C# WCF Service assignment and using our understanding of Big-O Notation to determine a candidate’s fitness to build a web service which could truly scale for a leading Silicon Valley technology firm.
  • Assessing a .NET application development manager candidate for his knowledge of MVC and PHP.
  • Investigating a foreign medical credential to determine the extent of the coursework required to obtain it.
  • Assessing a candidate’s ability to problem solve by performing full-stack user mode debugging sessions.
  • Setting up multi-way video conferences with online whiteboards, along with dummy data-set in order to assess the value of a data miner’s analytical insights.
  • Performing an investigation concerning a published work in a scientific journal.
  • Developing creative profiles based on design portfolios to determine where each user experience designer’s creative skills would be best applied on a large creative team.
  • Coordination of government background interviews and lie-detector tests for national security sensitive roles.

Got something more demanding in mind? Tell us about it!

A teaming partner you can trust

In today’s on-demand economy  it is easy to overlook the basics. Whom can you trust to manage your technical talent pool and move your business forward? Does the firm really have the capability to attract top technical talent? What will the candidate experience look like? Will candidates be left with a positive view of your business, which allows for future re-recruitment opportunities?

If you are ready for a teaming partner with the professionalism, sobriety, and technical acumen needed to perform candid candidate technical assessments – Come talk to us!

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