Blended Rate  Off-Shore/Near-Shore/Same-Shore Teaming Solutions 

Businesses understand the benefits of having a teaming partner whom can assemble and manage top-talent globally. However, using unproven off-shore suppliers & freelancers in foreign countries remains a risky (and often expensive) project gamble, frequently with high turn-over and questionable cost savings. What if you could have a technology partner with the project management and engineering maturity whom could help you offset some of those risks? 

Our balanced shore program was originally built ‘bottom-up’ by technical program managers and developers, for ourselves. AHS has the capability to tap talent and skill sets from multiple suppliers supporting all timezones. Currency exchange rates, broadband quality, talent availability, time-zone considerations, team skills, and labor cost are all dynamic factors. Being locked into a single vendor that uses the same low-cost delivery model and talent pool for every business or technology problem you may have will never be the best support solution.

With the capability to provide high-quality, guaranteed contractors from both domestically as well as internationally using multiple sourcing models, AHS is uniquely poised to offer customized, flexible, outsourced IT solutions. Out focus is providing you with high caliber talent whom can provide you with competitive technical advantage, while keeping your technology projects on-schedule, on-quality, and on-budget.

Blended Rate Service Pricing

AHS supplies guaranteed remote workers on a simple, flat monthly rate. Our workers can form your new virtual team, or even become part of and supplement your core delivery team by attending your regular daily stand-up meetings. AHS exhaustively technically screens, then grades all remote workers according to their experience and skill-sets. We then provide the workers to you on a time & material basis with easy-to-budget fixed monthly rates. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will provide you with a suitable replacement.

What does our flat monthly service fee include? – Top-tier STEM talent whom have been comprehensively technically screened and verified within their area of practice. AHS remote workers come ready to work on a T&M basis, with the exact skills requested.

Program focus areas

  • Minimum 2+ month projects, minimum 2 contractors
  • Fixed hourly & monthly rates, with guaranteed personnel to meet your needs
  • Capability to build professional & scientific teams to suite.
  • Production maintenance & 24X7X365 operations & site reliability teams (C++, C#/VB.NET, Java, etc.)
  • Automated software quality assurance & go-live support services
  • Re-shoring code clean-up & technical debt reduction
  • Virtual professional & scientific research teams (advanced degrees)
  • There are no limits! Tell us your needs and we can build new delivery teams to suite

Delivery models

  • On-site, co-located, & remote worker solutions
  • Domestic rural sourcing alternatives (Tier 2/3 US Cities)
  • Capability to provide top-tier international workers (Western Europe, Asia, & South America)

Value adds

  • Contractor guarantee- if you are not happy we will provide a replacement
  • Real-world domain expertise and technical understanding in the areas we support
  • On-boarding & cross-training of remote contractors to mitigate risks

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